Curriculum vitae- Ole Kristian Berg


Occupation: Professor in freshwater ecology/ fish ecology
Address: Ole Kristian Berg, Department of Biology, Realfagbygget, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), 7491 Trondheim, Norway


Ole Kristian Berg
Telephone:   73596294 (office)- 91897518 (cell-)
73596090 (department secretary)
73902688 (home)

Education: Dr. scient. autumn  1988: The formation of landlocked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.).

Scientific positions:1.5. 1998 - present. Position as professor in Zoology (freshwater ecology), University of Trondheim.
12.3. 1990 – 1.5.1998. Position as associate prof. in zoology (freshwater ecology), University of Trondheim.
In the period 1.1. 1993 -15.6. 1996, I was head of department of Zoology, with a staff of more than 40 persons.
15.5. 1989 to 12.3. 1990 secretary for a committee giving a report on hinders to migration in freshwater fishes, function of fish passes (‘ladders’) and present condition of Norwegian fish passes.
1.1. 1983 to 15.5. 1989, University-scholarship (‘scientific assistant’); Dept. Zoology, University of Trondheim. (Position with 50% teaching responsibilities, 50% research).

Research activities:My research have largely been in salmonid ecology, where I have been working on different species of both Atlantic and Pacific salmonids, much of the activity have been within bioenergetics and life-history variation..

Winter-ecology and energetics of freshwater teleosts in temperate and Arctic areas have scarcely been investigated previously. I have therefore started a series of investigations o  ver this theme. Changes in the natural temperature regime (below e.g. hydro-electric plants)  transform the conditions for growth of salmonids.

In a number of papers, sea-ranching relevant topics relating to seasonal patterns of migration, growth  and survival of anadromous salmonids in northern Norway, have been addressed.

Research projects: In recent years, Berg have been leading or supervising/ participating in :  a BioMar and Norwegian Research Council cofunded project: ”Vinterenergetikk hos laks – Effekt av forsammensetning ved lave temperaturer” (Dr. scient. Eldar Å. Bendiksen). He currently leads Wild-salmon project 177954/S40; The sensitivity of different winter survival strategies in juvenile salmon to natural and anthropogenic variation in climate conditions and: Variability among populations of wild and farmed Atlantic salmon – morphology and genetics (NFR – Havbruk)  
Doctoral students supervised: During last five years, I have supervised (Dissertation year in perenthes): Eldar Å Bendiksen (2003), Anders Gravbrøt Finstad (2005), Kjartan Østbye (2005) and Jon Kr Skei (2006).

Published papers (2000-)  )  
Berg, O.K. , E. Thronæs & G. Bremset 2000. Annual cycle in body composition and energy in brown trout in a temperate zone lake. Ecol. Freshw. Fish 9, 163-169.

Berg, O.K., A.P. Hendry, B. Svendsen, C. Bech,  J.V. Arnekleiv & A. Lohrmann 2001. Maternal provisioning of offspring and the use of those resources during development: variation within and among Atlantic salmon families.  Funct. Ecol.  15, 13-23.

Hendry, A.P., O.K. Berg & T.P. Quinn 2001. Breeding location choice in salmon: causes (habitat, competition, body size, energy stores) and consequences (life span, energy stores. Oikos 93: 407-418.

Finstad, A.G., O.K. Berg, A.Langeland & A. Lohrmann 2002.Reproductive investment and energy allocation in an alpine Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus,  population. Environ. Biol. Fishes 65: 63-70.

Finstad, A.G., O.K. Berg, A.Langeland & A. Lohrmann 2003.Seasonal variation in body composition of  Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)),  from an utraoligotropic alpine lake. Ecology Freshw. Fish. 12: 228-235.

Bendiksen, E.Å.,  Berg, O.K., Jobling, M., Arnesen, A.M. & Måsøval, K 2003. Digestibility, growth and nutrient utilisation of Atlantic salmon parr (Salmo salar L.) in relation to temperature, feed fat content and oil source. Aquaculture 224: 283-299.

Carlsen, K.T., O.K. Berg, B. Finstad & T.G. Heggberget 2004. Dial periodicity and environmental release of the downstream migration of anadromous first time migrants of Arctic char,  Atlantic salmon  and brown trout in the river Halselva (70ºN 23ºE), northern Norway.  Env. Biol. Fishes (In print)

Hendry, A.P., Bohlin, T., Jonsson, B.  and  Berg, O.K.  2004.To sea or not to sea: anadromy versus non-anadromy in salmonids. Pages 92-125 in A.P. Hendry and S.C. Stearns (editors). Evolution illuminated: salmon and their relatives. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, UK.
Hendry, A.P., Y. E. Morbey, O. K. Berg &  J. K. Wenburg 2004. Adaptive variation in senescence: reproductive life span in a wild salmon poulation. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B  271:259-266
Finstad, A.G. & O.K. Berg 2004 . Biased sampling and the establishment of a scientific myth: Bimodal population size distributions in Arctic char. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 61:2151-2157.
Finstad, A.G. , Ugedal, O. & O.K. Berg 2006. Growing large in a low grade environment: Size dependent foraging gain and niche shifts to cannibalism in Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus L.). Oikos 112:73-82.
Berg, O.K., J.V. Arnekleiv & A. Lohrmann 2006. Seasonal changes in body composition of young, riverine Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) below a hydroelectric power station. River Research and Application 22:993-1008.

Solem, Ø., O.K.Berg & A.J.Kjøsnes 2006. Inter- and intra-population morphological differences between wild and farmed Atlantic salmon juveniles. J. Fish Biol. 69:1-16

Berg, O.K. & A.G. Finstad 2007. Plasticity in maturation and reproduction: cost-benefit considerations and energy dependence In: (Eds.  M.J Roca et al.) Fish reproduction  . pp 351- 375 
A. G. Finstad,  O. K. Berg,  P. H. Olsen,  J. V. Arnekleiv & K. Nilssen 2007. Cannibals in the Arctic: production of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) at two trophic levels. Polar Biol. In print


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